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10 Questions with Alexandra Fasulo

Alexandra Fasulo is a gutsy entrepreneur who left her corporate America job to become a freelance writer on the platform Fiverr—something she knew very little about at the time.

We went ahead and asked 10 questions about how she became one of the top earning individuals on the platform and her advice for someone who may be looking to do the same. 

Let’s dive in.

1. What initially inspired you to create a Fiverr account to begin your freelancing journey?

I created an account out of necessity, really. I quit my job with no plan and wasn’t sure how I was going to make rent. I figured I could try freelancing to just get by. I didn’t realize it would completely change my life and give it a whole new meaning. 

2. How did you discover your love for writing?

It really happened by accident when I quit my job in NYC. I had always liked writing, but I had never considered myself a writer. As I began to teach myself the tricks of the trade on Fiverr, I realized I had a real passion for writing. It just goes to show, you never know what’s going to make you happy in this life unless you get out there and TRY IT.

3. Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about quitting their corporate job to go freelance?

I would say: don’t do it as drastically as me. Double up freelancing with your job at the same time for a bit. This will help you get your first 5-star reviews so your profile already has traction, as well as give you some time to adjust to the demands of freelancing. Being your own boss can be shocking at first, which is why I recommend doubling up.

4. Is there someone in particular that has inspired you in business?

My mom. I watched my mom run countless businesses from home, raising my sister and I. She had a hand-painted clothing business, a tattoo shop and learning center, and plenty of other artsy endeavors. I always admired her ability to run these businesses and be there for my sister and I. I realized that it was possible to be a mom/woman and still a boss b*tch.

5. Do you have a formal education? What are your thoughts on the education system and its attribution to success?

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from SUNY Geneseo. I think for writing, a Bachelor’s degree was necessary. However, I think for very important industries today like graphic design, virtual assistantship, coding, and so forth, college is NOT necessary. I would not pay the $$ unless you have researched that a degree is critical for the job you want.

6. What is the number one thing you attribute your success to?

My faith. I think having faith in something bigger than yourself makes you a thoughtful, grateful person. Running a business by yourself is hard. No one is there to comfort you. You have to have a steady mindset that is positive and grateful, even when everything is falling apart. I wake up and thank God every day for another day to pursue my talents and help people. It’s all about what you’re living for.

7. You’ve been able to grow such an engaged and large audience on TikTok, what is different about this platform than Instagram? 

TikTok is real and un-edited. You can’t make a video look like an Instagram painting. What you see is what you get, and I love that about it. There’s no pressure to have everything look perfect. You can just be yourself and post literally whatever you want. The more “yourself” you are on TikTok, the more people will follow you. It’s nice to have a following who is there for my substance and not just the edited photos I post.

8. What are your top 3 tips to growing this type of audience on social media?

Be yourself: there is only one you in the world for a reason
Post a lot: get over the anxiety of posting and just churn out content, it works
Answer people: you’re never too good to respond to comments and DMs, say hi to your community.

9. How do you face the fears of the unknown? Such as the ups and downs with Covid-19, the economy, TikTok being banned? 

I’d have to say through God again. There’s no point in worrying when God already knows how this all plays out. I once heard Joel Osteen say the best thing you can do is live your life for today. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so why are you worrying about something 2-years from now? Instead, focus on how you’re going to advance yourself and be productive today. It’s a really freeing way to think about things.

10. What's one thing you'd say to someone who's scared to start their own entrepreneurial journey?

I'd say that voice in the back of your head is just your subconscious filled with criticism you've heard in your life and they're not true, you have everything you need to be successful. Believe in yourself.
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