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3 New Instagram Features to Start Using Now!

Share Feed Post to Stories:

Instagram stories were a bit iffy when the popular app released the original update, and many users felt the new feature was a bit repetitive given that the idea piggybacked on Snapchat's “Snapchat Story” feature. However, guilty of poaching the idea or not, it’s safe to say Instagram did it better. Instagram stories have enabled individuals and companies to further drive brand awareness, resulting in an increase not only in awareness but sales and web traffic as well. It’s been roughly two years since Instagram debuted Instagram stories, and unlike similar apps (cough, cough, SnapChat) each update only continues to get better and better! The latest of the updates now allows you to send a photo from your feed straight to your story!

We all know recent changes to Instagram's algorithm have sadly led to a major decrease in post engagement, thus driving the need to become more active when it comes to stories. A trick many users are employing these days is to tease their audience with a screenshot of their feed, prompting them to go to their page and engage with their latest post. You can now save yourself a step and skip the less than aesthetically pleasing screenshot. Instagram now allows you to send your post straight to your story. Simply click the “send” icon next to the like and comment buttons on your photo, and choose “Add a post to your story”. The new feature is a great way to easily promote your recent posts, and add a call to action to them.

Username and Hashtag Links for Instagram Bio:

It has, and only will continue to become increasingly difficult to organically grow on Instagram. Algorithm updates are to blame, however, Instagram continues to roll out new features that make branding easier, and easier. Hashtags are typically placed in the caption and or comment section of feed posts, however, you can now add hashtag links to the bio section of your Instagram profile. Adding your branded hashtag to your Instagram bio will entice users to view photos from your feed that have been previously tagged with the same hashtag, and or photos others have tagged with your brand's hashtag.

The ability to now tag profile usernames in your bio is convenient for those who are running multiple Instagram accounts. Are you trying to grow a personal and business account? Tag the alternate username in both account bio’s in order to point followers from each account in the direction of the other. This is a great way to funnel traffic from one profile to the next!

Shoppable Tags: 

The end goal for a large percent of Instagram business accounts is to increase product sales. Originally Instagram was a great tool to drive traffic to a business's website, where users would hopefully focus long enough to make a purchase. Today, the utilization of shoppable product tags has made online shopping even more convenient than it already was. The shoppable tag feature is available to business accounts and allows the tagging of products in feed photos that will bring the user directly to a said product with just a simple click, or tap of the finger. This is certainly a feature that should increase sales and revenue for product-based businesses.

With over 800 million users worldwide, Instagram is without a doubt one of the greatest tools available in the world of social media when it comes to business. Utilizing the right features could truly make or break your growth, branding, sales goals, revenue, etc. Continue to stay on top of Instagram’s latest features in order to get the most out of your social media tactics!

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