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6 Reasons Why You Need a Pinterest Strategy For Your Business

Pinterest is a great opportunity for businesses, and it can help you introduce your business and blog to a whole new audience. The benefits of using Pinterest are endless, but to name just a few it can increase brand awareness, create additional traffic to your business or blog, generate new leads, and increase sales. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites ever, with more than 10 million unique visitors.


Pinterest is simple to use, but can have an incredible impact on your business. For that reason, here are 6 reasons your business should be on Pinterest now.


1. Pinterest Converts Browsers to Buyers

Pinterest makes it extremely easy for it’s users to discover new products, thus converting leads or sales faster than other social media sources. Pinterest can be thought of as a visual search engine where people go to research or find inspiration. By Pinterest reducing the number of steps from discovery to conversion, it is much more likely that a purchase will be made.


 2. Pinterest Drives Traffic

Pinterest is a great tool to increase links back to your website which inevitably drives more traffic. Again, because of the simplicity of Pinterest, it is much more effective than any other social media source. This is simple - if you’re offering a product or service, create compelling content (nice product photos/graphics and keyword focused titles and descriptions). If you’re sharing content that your audience likes they’re more likely to follow your links.


 3. Pins Get Your More Inbound Links

Even if people aren’t finding your website from your pins, they can still find them when other people share your content and link it back to you. Every pin includes a link which leads back to the source of an image, and about 95% of images on Pinterest are either pinned or re-pinned from the internet. With Pinterest continually growing in popularity, this could provide very valuable inbound links.


 4. User Engagement is Incredibly High

A lot of Pinterest users are avid Pinterest users, they love it and they often turn to it to find new products and inspiration. Pinterest is different from other social media platforms in which the end goal is to have a generous following, whereas on Pinterest, users enjoy finding new content and sharing it with whoever may be interested. This is great news for businesses because this means your pins are far more likely to be seen, engaged with, and possibly even go viral.


5. Pinterest Integrates With Your Website & Social Accounts

Pinterest connects with Facebook profiles, allowing users to automatically share new pins to their Facebook feed. This means more eyes on your content from other channels. However, with Pinterest only connecting with Facebook profiles, this means there is currently no way for businesses to connect their business page and share their pins. Instead, marketers must manually share pins to their business page. Good news is if marketers sign up for Pinterest using the same email address used for their corporate Twitter account, they can automatically share the pins they post on to their Twitter account. Additionally, marketers can add “Pin It” buttons to their website and blog to make pinning products and visual content that much easier.


Businesses also have the ability to claim their website, Instagram, Etsy, YouTube, and Shopify!


 6. Discover What Your Audience Loves 

Pinterest is a great place to discover new trends, you can easily discover what people love to share. By following your followers you can see what kind of content they’re sharing and what’s inspiring them at this very moment. This allows you to better understand your audience and effectively position your products and services.


As Pinterest continues to grow, I’m sure the number of reasons to be on this social platform will grow as well. Don’t wait, use this platform to your advantage to drive traffic, leads and sales.

Still looking for more information about how to set up your Pinterest account to optimize for engagement and sales? Book a one-on-one session with us, just press the contact tab.

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