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Creating A Killer Instagram Bio.

Researchers suggest that it takes less than a second for viewers to form an impression of you based on your Instagram bio. So what can you do to ensure your bio captures future customers or new audiences? Making a great first impression on Instagram is no different than leaving someone stunned by your presence in person.
A concise, consistent description that tells your audience, EXACTLY what you're all about. Depending on the purpose of your account, you're going to need to think about some of the essentials so you give off the right vibe and max on engagement.


Tip #1: Optimize Your Profile Pic
Before a viewer reads your caption or clicks on any links, they want to see you. Make sure to showcase your best self. Consider using a high-resolution image of your logo if you're a bigger business.


Tip #2: Find Your Focus
By most accounts, your bio should serve as a mission statement.


Tip #3: Be Strategic With Keywords
Your bio could show as a photographer, fashion editor, marketer, etc. Consider what terms users tend to search for and use that to tailor your approach.


Tip #4: Clickability
Did you know that everything in your bio with an "@" is clickable? Use this to your advantage! Create a community through strategic call-to-actions (CTAs). Invite viewers to follow and share hashtags. Moreover, don't be afraid to liven things up with emojis – that's what they're there for!


Tip #5: Set Up Your Highlights
Depending on the nature of your business, Instagram Stories Highlights could be a huge boost to your engagement and potential sales.

Still looking for more information about how to set up your account to optimize for engagement and sales? Book a one-on-one session with us, just press the contact tab.

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