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October Hashtag Holidays

The air is crisp, the leaves are changing colors, and it’s officially Fall! With each new month we bring you a new list of hashtag holidays to incorporate into your content calendar.

Hashtag holidays are a fun and easy way to engage with your audience in a meaningful way. Although it may sound fun to integrate all of the hashtag holidays listed, make sure you’re only picking those that are relevant to your brand, business, and target audience!


Keep reading to see October’s list of hashtag holidays…


October 1:

International Coffee Day (#InternationalCoffeeDay)

& World Smile Day (#WorldSmileDay)

Calling all coffee lovers, we’re starting October off with a bang! Celebrate by brewing a cup at home or stopping by your favorite coffee shop - don’t forget to snap a picture and share it using the hashtag above.

October 1st is also World Smile Day started by Harvey Ball who made the Smiley Face in 1963. You can spread the world by doing a random act of kindness, using the smiley face emoji, or giving a smile to everyone you come across!


October 2: Name Your Car Day (#NameYourCarDay)

For those of you who love your car so much, now is the time to name it. As weird as it may sound, studies have shown that when we name inanimate objects, like our cars, we assign almost human-like attributes that make us feel more in control. Have fun with it, and don’t forget to share on social media!


October 4: World Animal Day (#WorldAnimalDay)

& National Taco Day (#NationalTacoDay)

The mission of World Animal Day is to raise awareness for animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. Here are a few ideas for how to celebrate: donate to a nonprofit organization, volunteer your time at a local shelter, educate yourself, or show your own animal a little extra love.

 October 4th also recognizes the savory tortilla stuffed with your favorite filling. Get one, two or three (whatever your heart desires) and enjoy. Diets don’t exist on National Taco Day!


October 5:

World Teachers Day (#WorldTeachersDay)

& Do Something Nice Day (#DoSomethingNiceDay)

World Teachers Day is marked to show honor and gratitude to all teachers, mentors and guides. Show your appreciation for all that they do by sending your little ones with a thank you note or gift - it’s sure to brighten their day!

Coincidentally it’s also Do Something Nice Day, so it’s the perfect time to kill two birds with one stone. Celebrate World Teacher Day by doing something nice for them.


October 10: World Mental Health Day (#WorldMentalHealthDay)

World Mental Health Day is one near and dear to our hearts, and is a day to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and organize efforts in support of mental health. Some easy ways you can contribute include volunteering, educating others, practicing self-care, or supporting loved ones.


October 11: International Day of The Girl (#DayOfTheGirl)

October 11th is the Day of The Girl, created to amplify the voices and rights of girls everywhere. This day is important because it empowers girls, works to eliminate deep-rooted gender-based issues, and empowers girls to grow up to be empowered women.


October 13: National Train Your Brain Day (#TrainYourBrainDay)

Train your brain on October 13th , there are so many fun ways to support cognitive health and focus. Share how you’ll be celebrating on social media and encourage others to take time out of their day to do the same!


October 14: National Dessert Day (#DessertDay)

Indulge in your sweet tooth guilt free, because October 14th is National Dessert Day! Stop at your favorite bakery, or bake from scratch and enjoy your favorite treats. Share with friends and family if you’re feeling generous, and don’t forget to share on social media with the hashtag.


October 16: National Bosses Day (#BossDay, #BossesDay)

Celebrate the hardworking people who keep us gainfully employed with a card, treating them to lunch or coffee, a gift, or by simply taking something off their plate. In case anyone forgets, remind your followers to thank their boss as well!


October 18: Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day (#CleanYourVirtualDesktopDay)

Our workplaces are largely digital, meaning a large majority of people work on a computer on a day to day basis. Set aside some time on this day to organize your virtual desktop, and clear your mind and computer of unneeded clutter!


October 21: Get to Know Your Customers Day (#GetToKnowYourCustomersDay)

 If boosting customer loyalty is one of your business goals this year, mark your calendar for this one. Get to Know Your Customers Day is a quarterly event for business owners to reconnect with their customers, and learn more about them.


October 24: United Nations Day (#UNDay)

 United Nations Day marks the anniversary of the entry into force in 1945 of the United Nations Charter. People typically celebrate with costumes, flags, and music performances as this day is a symbol of cultural diversity.


October 28: National Chocolate Day (#NationalChocolateDay)

October 28th recognizes one of the world’s favorite tastes. Some fun ideas to observe this day include visiting your favorite restaurant and indulging in a chocolate dessert, hosting a chocolate tasting party, or inviting friends to bring their best chocolate recipes to share!


October 29: National Cat Day (#NationalCatDay)

Cat moms and cat dads alike, today is your chance to cherish and spoil your furry friend(s). Celebrate the day by adopting a cat or kitten, volunteer at a local animal shelter, or bring home a new toy. Share how you’ll be celebrating and how others can too with the hashtag!


October 30: Checklist Day (#ChecklistDay)

If you’re anything like me you make a checklist for everything, as they’re a great way to remind yourself of important tasks. I’m sure it’s not surprising that the best way to celebrate Checklist Day is by doing just that - making a checklist!


October 31: Halloween (#Halloween)

Of course, we are finishing off October with Halloween! Dress up, celebrate with friends, trick or treat with your kids, and have a relaxing night in handing out candy. Whatever you’re doing, share it with your followers and ask how they’ll be celebrating.

There you have it, October’s completed list of hashtag holidays! Have fun incorporating these into your content calendar, and remember to choose relevant hashtags that will engage and help you connect with your followers.


If you enjoyed this month’s list, make sure to stick around for more monthly hashtag holiday blog posts!

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