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The Ultimate Guide to Planning for a Brand Photoshoot

As you build your brand, there are a few key things that you need to plan for right off the bat. Once you have an idea of your brand image and how you want your brand to be perceived, it is essential to invest in a brand photoshoot to allow that image to come to life. Without having a cohesive image for your business, it is that much more difficult for customers, clients, etc., to take you seriously and view you as a legitimate brand.


Having a brand photoshoot is so crucial because it will bring about a cohesive representation of your business across all of your platforms. Branding is all about creating consistency, and photos are an excellent way to make that happen.


There are three simple steps when it comes to planning for a brand photoshoot, outlined below:


Choose a Photographer

Although this may seem simple, there are so many ways you could go wrong when it comes to choosing a photographer to capture your vision. Picking a photographer without doing much prior research can lead to wasted time, money, and energy spent. For example, if you choose a photographer solely based on price without looking at his work beforehand, the photos may not come out how you envisioned.


When choosing the right photographer for your brand photoshoot, make sure you ask to see their portfolio in advance. Viewing their portfolio ahead of time will allow you to see some of their work, potentially garner some inspiration for your photos, and it will enable you to evaluate whether the photographer is right for you. You may find that a niche photographer that focuses on similar shoots to what you're looking for might be more in line with what you're looking for instead of a photographer whose work spans many different mediums.


Plan Ahead

Although it is ok not to have an exact vision in mind for your brand, you should take time to map out some potential ideas for how you want the photo shoot to turn out. Planning your shots ahead of time will save you time and energy, and it will allow the photographer to have some idea of what you're looking for from the start as opposed to having no direction.


An excellent way to plan for your photo shoot is to create a mood board. A mood board is a perfect way for the photographer to align their vision with yours.


Dress to Impress

Remember that you may need to use these photos for various purposes, such as promotion, press, social media feed, and more. When getting ready for the shoot, you should have this in mind and dress accordingly, plan any outfit changes, etc. 

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