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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Different Types of Instagram Hashtags

Instagram hashtags remain a powerful marketing tool that you can leverage to increase your following and engagement without compromising your photo and caption's power. It may seem like people no longer pay attention to the hashtag links that live at the end of Instagram posts, and they don't have to. Hashtags are the best way to get new eyes on your Instagram page, land your post on the discovery page, and build smaller communities on an otherwise vast platform.


Different Types of Hashtags You Can Use on Instagram

You can use hashtags for a variety of purposes on Instagram, and below are a few of the different ways people and brands use hashtags:


Campaign Hashtags

Companies use campaign hashtags as marketing tactics to create a slogan that pushes a specific marketing plan, product release, or some seasonal drop. Campaigns typically have a theme associated with them and may look something like #SpringCleaning, or #NewYearNewMe. Something that pushes your product or whatever you might be marketing will live under the created 'campaign hashtag.' This particular hashtag aims to get as many eyes on your posts as possible within a shorter time frame.


Branded Hashtags

Branded Hashtags will live with your brand for more extended periods because these should be specific to your brand and business. Branded hashtags are unique to you and your brand, and people should be able to come to your page and see the hashtag used throughout your posts.


A branded hashtag could be the name of your brand, the name of some sub-series you do with your brand, or it could be some marketing slogan. For example, if you are a reality TV star but you also have a podcast, you can use a specific hashtag associated with the name of your podcast whenever you post about it, and you may have a different hashtag for the other content that you post. The goal is that over time, your followers will recognize that specific posts pertain to certain aspects of your business, and it could prompt people to begin to use the hashtag to get your attention or to add to their posts about your brand.


Community Hashtags

Community hashtags make the vast world of Instagram feel a little bit smaller and closer to home. These hashtags connect certain users with areas of interest or combine them with places within their communities. An example of a community hashtag can be something like #nychairstylist if you are looking for hairdressers in New York City. It can be as simple as #hairstylist to look up posts from different hairstylists on Instagram.


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