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Why Establishing a Personal Brand is so Important in Business Today


The business world is constantly evolving to reflect the times, so why shouldn't you be doing the same? It may be hard to remember, but offices had previously consisted of a row of desks, men in suits and women in dresses and tights. Although some offices may still operate this way, you are likely well-aware of ‘start-up’ culture, which has transformed office spaces and the way people do business all over the world. As it turns out, not only are office environments becoming more laidback and open but so are the people who run these companies. Why do you think that is? Because it is good for business.


Jeff Bezos once said, “Your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”


In other words, people buy from people they trust. CEOs and founders of growing companies have gotten the memo. They've begun leveraging their social media to reflect their business, which has reportedly led sales to new heights. The benefits of building a personal brand through social media are becoming the new norm, and here are a few reasons why.


Social Media Profiles are the Modern-Day Resume

Today, there are more articles written about people than there are about companies. Social media influencers and celebrities are talking to their audiences daily, and in doing so, they are establishing a personal brand image. Speaking directly to an audience captivates a following and generates more notoriety for both the influencer and the brand they are representing. People start to recognize you from your social media presence, which gives you an heir of legitimacy. This legitimacy may even land you business meetings with investors who are only meeting with you because of your name recognition. Therefore, social media is a potent tool to build a favorable audience of consumers in the business world today.


Build a Connection Online, Create Trust, and Spark a Conversation

Social media has become a place where you can meet people in your field who you can learn from and maybe even collaborate with on future projects. Networking is a business tactic as old as time; however, being able to do so from social media presence alone is an entirely new concept that works. Use your social media as an opportunity to meet more people, and your business will grow. You're used to hearing the saying 'I just need to get in the same room as them,' meaning that if you have the opportunity to meet someone, you'll be able to sell them on you. Connecting on Instagram is the new way of getting in the same room as someone who can potentially change your career forever.


Gain a Competitive Edge by Marketing Yourself

According to a report from Impact Learning Center, companies with CEOs who are active on social media have an 82% probability that consumers will trust their products. Giving consumers a lens into your daily life offers a face behind the brand, which establishes a sense of trust and familiarity. Although celebrities are known outside of their social media presence, following them and watching them use their products directly correlates to sales. Like her or not, if Kim Kardashian stopped talking to her audience years ago, I wouldn’t be ordering her perfume without ever having smelled it in person. Kim is someone who marketed herself so well using social media that consumers will trust anything she puts out there. "Trust me, it smells so good,” is something I’ve heard Kim say about countless perfumes, and it is because of her marketing expertise and online presence that people do trust her and buy the perfume. 

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