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Why You Should Prioritize LinkedIn for Your Business

In business today, it should not be a question of if you should be marketing and advertising, but rather a question of where to spend your marketing dollars best. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking and forming connections with peers in the business world, and you can also leverage it to advertise for your business.


Outlined below are a few evidence-based reasons why you should prioritize LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your business.


A Trusted Environment to Establish a Brand

Business Insider rated LinkedIn as the "#1 most trusted social media platform" for three consecutive years. LinkedIn is a well-established platform for brands to build a presence and gain exposure, establish notoriety and gain a sense of respect from business peers. According to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, member engagement on the platform is more vital than ever before. From March 2019 to March 2020, LinkedIn saw a surge of activity with regards to business marketing. 

According to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions:

  • 55% more conversations are happening between connected members

  • 60% more content is getting created

It is essential to build your brand on a well-respected platform within the business community, and therefore LinkedIn is a trustworthy place to do just that.

  • Credibility Across all Industries

Over 700 million LinkedIn members span a multitude of verticals, industries, and professions on the site. With the extensive array of verticals that LinkedIn covers, it is no question that the platform's credibility is not singular to any one vertical – it remains a consistent space for all industry types. 

  • There are currently 706 million+ members on LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn is in 200+ countries and territories

  • 55 million+ companies are on the platform today

  • LinkedIn Ads Work 

Investing in your brand is a no-brainer; however, deciding where your marketing dollars should go is something that requires some thought and market research. You want to advertise your business in a place where people trust the content you put in front of them. Advertising on a credible platform, in turn, makes your business more credible.


Think about it – if Chanel didn't establish Margot Robbie as a brand ambassador to wear its clothing, would people still be as compelled to spend a large sum on Chanel? Maybe that is too well-established a brand to be a good example but think about a new product you recently purchased simply because someone credible represented it. It is the same concept – the more reliable the source, the more reliable the product becomes to the consumer. 


LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Statistics below:

  • After advertising on LinkedIn, people viewed the advertised brands as:
    • 50% higher quality

    • 92% more professional

    • 74% more intelligent

    • 59% more respectable

  • In technology, LinkedIn has generated 2-5x higher ROI than any other social media platforms
  • In education, LinkedIn is 2-4x as effective as any other display media

Need help with your LinkedIn Strategy? We can help! Email our team, Hello@SocialStatic.co


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