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Writing Better Captions on Instagram

Because Pictures Don’t Always Tell a Thousand Words.

Let's dive deeper into the one piece of the Instagram puzzle that can drive people a little crazy. Not being able to develop the perfect caption on social media can be extremely frustrating, leaving you thinking for hours and finally attempting to source ideas from peers for that one little sentence that contextualizes your post. Thinking of a caption can be so tricky because we are all aware of the impact a caption can have on a post and how it can have the power to shift the way people engage with your posts.

Although you can establish a specific mood from the photos you post, Instagram captions give your post and your brand a voice. Think about a meme – the image alone does not always tell the whole story, and pictures don't always tell a thousand words. Here are some tips and tricks for upping your social media caption game.


Establish Your Voice

You may spend a lot of time cultivating a specific visual presence on Instagram by planning out your grid, coordinating colors, etc. Crafting a grid may work for people who are better established, such as musical artists. Taylor Swift erased her entire Instagram and started over when her hit album Reputation came out, but Taylor Swift also tells her story through her music, and she's also Taylor Swift. She can pull off telling a story through an Instagram grid alone.

Without establishing a unique voice to go along with your posts, you may end up starting to blend in with your peers. Why blend in when you can stand out? If you're witty, be witty. If you're serious, be serious. Sometimes people need to read the words to understand what you're all about, and then they'll start to engage with you more.


Show Your Personality

Through establishing a voice, your Instagram photos will start to come to life. In turn, it is essential not to hold back that incredible personality of yours. Putting yourself out there can be a scary thing to do. You'd be surprised what resonates with certain people, and your personality can be what stands between the 'follow;' and the 'unfollow' button. Just be yourself, and people will appreciate that no matter what.


Use Emojis to Match

Visuals are still important. Adding a colorful emoji underneath a colorful photo can help the caption pop. Make sure to use appropriate emojis in the proper places, and the engagement will follow.


Keep it Concise

Depending on the post, most of the time, people will not stop what they're doing to read paragraphs of content. Keep it short, sweet and pack meaningful words into small sentences. Think of the captions you like to read as you're scrolling through your feed and emulate that. Short-form captions can have more of an impact than you'd expect.


Use Hashtags & Mentions when Necessary 

Hashtags are still important. If you have a public Instagram account and include hashtags, this is what gets you on people's discovery pages. When you make it on the discovery page, you will get in front of more eyes. Creating one or two branded hashtags and using them on all your posts can also help build brand engagement. Just make sure they're at the end of your caption, and people won't read into them too much.

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