It all started on a train. At age 25, I was living in New York City and commuting every single day to Stamford, Connecticut, which surmised a daily grand total commuting time of 3.5 hours. And while I was “living the dream” in a cushy corporate job (so I thought), I secretly wished my morning train ride would last longer and my evening train ride would come faster so I could fill those hours with podcasts, books, and seminars all about marketing and social media. 

Turns out, you can learn a lot pretty quickly when you love it that much and you devote that much time to it daily. I became obsessed with social media marketing and saw just how much your social media is your real business card or calling card. It says who you are, proves your credibility, and, when harnessed correctly, can be a powerhouse of a marketing tool. 

After months of getting my hands on anything and everything that would help me learn all I could about social media marketing, I trusted that little voice within me that was daring me to leap out of corporate life and start my own social agency. I would miss those daily train rides, for sure. But that would be about it. (Plus, I’d be consuming the same social agency-geared content just sitting on my cozy couch, so the train wasn’t really necessary.)

Was it a risk to up and leave my corporate job? You betcha. I should note I also had zero clients or prospects when I made this leap. But I knew the reward was in doing what I loved, doing what I naturally excelled at… and soon, as my client roster grew and their engagement metrics skyrocketed, the reward proved itself for what it was. Social Static was officially born. 

The coolest part was - people took notice! My work for my clients through the social agency has been featured in publications like Forbes, CNN Travel, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo Finance, and I’ve expanded my offerings to be an all-in-one marketing agency to cover your content, strategy, and social media management.

Three years later, I’m still just as fanatic about social media marketing as I was that year on the train. However, I live in Palm Beach, Florida now (much warmer!), and I think I have the coolest job EVER helping companies and individual clients hone their marketing strategy, clarify their brand messaging, perfect their marketing materials, and EXPLODE their social media pages explode with engagement from their target audience. 

I’m still hungry for knowledge and devoted to beating myself at my own game - becoming an even better marketing sidekick to businesses just like yours through the social agency and having a lot of fun doing so. 


Whether you’re based in Palm Beach, Florida too (or you’re visiting - if so, you have to try the Princess Cake at Sant Ambroeus!)) or you’re globally based, it would be my honor to bring some MAJOR static to your social pages! You and your business deserve that traction.

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