At Social Static, we believe in cultivating intentional and organic growth through clarified brand messaging, developing a distinct visual presence and crafting a stand-out marketing strategy that will get you in front of and engaging with the people who are going to boost both your presence and your profits.

No more second-guessing on whether a particular tactic is worth your time, and no more wasting your marketing dollars on strategies that don’t align with your business’ values, goals or needs.

We pride ourselves in being a no-nonsense source. We get to know your business, strategize against your goals, and determine the route of your new marketing strategy that will make your profits flourish. 

Meet Elizabeth, Owner and Creative Director

Elizabeth's story starts in New York City. She spent her time living on the Upper East Side commuting to Stamford, CT during the week to her corporate gig. Her time spent as a Brand Marketing Manager allowed her to travel the country coordinating photo shoots, working with worldwide social media influencers, and even landed herself at Christina Aguilera's house for an event activation. She was a critical part of the digital marketing strategy for one of the most well-known brands in the world. 

A 3 1/2 hour commute to get back and forth to work each day resulted in an overload of podcasts, audiobooks, and any sort of educational material she could get her hands on. Elizabeth decided her time could be better spent educating business owners on these marketing tactics, so she left her corporate job with no clients, and no idea how to start a business (not suggested, what is she crazy?). The risk was high, but the reward was even higher.

Two years later at Social Static, Elizabeth is now able to teach her bold marketing strategies to business owners through client relationships, workshops and speaking engagements. She has a passion for marketing and if you ever see her speak at a workshop or on stage, you'll see what we're talking about.

Elizabeth is a proud Adirondack 46er with a passion for getting outdoors, traveling and networking. She is a perpetual trip planner and you can find her traveling often within the United States, across the pond to the United Kingdom, and throughout Europe while still taking calls and writing emails.

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